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Specialty “Intellectual property and business”


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Office: 1075A

Tel.: (+359) 2 8195 403



About the specialty

Specialty “Intellectual property and business” prepares intellectual property specialists that can provide sustainability, development and competitiveness to the industry through creating, protecting and managing of intellectual property as an intangible assets of the company. In the contemporary business that functions in a high-tech and global environment, integrating with the business with intellectual property is a distinctive advantage. In the sphere of material production, the integration of business and intellectual property is accomplished through the creation, industrialization and commercialization of technological innovations like inventions, utility models. And through the creation of a positive image of the organization and its products and services utilizing well developed trademarks and industrial designs. Out of the sphere of material production, the integration of business with intellectual property can be seen in the created goods of the creative industries like music, film, radio, television, publishing and others, who function mainly in the cultural sector, but are functionally connected and dependent on the creative industries in the tech sector (material production).

The graduates of specialty “Intellectual property and business” can pursue a career as economists, managers and administrators in all sectors of the economy and in all business organizations whose activity is based on creating and managing intellectual property. They can pursue a career as:

  • government employees in the Ministry of culture, National patent office, Commission for protection of competition, Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of defence, Ministry of internal affairs, Customs agency and others;
  • employees, specialists and experts in international intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations like the World intellectual property organization, UNESCO, CISAC, World trade organization and others;
  • employees, specialists and experts in organizations for collective management of copyright and related rights like Musicauthor, Filmauthor, Artistauthor, Prophon, ABBRO, BACCO and others;
  • specialists in music, film, publishing, software, advertisement and other companies, that create and manage intellectual products;
  • specialists in museums, galleries, cinemas, theatrical and other cultural organizations, in the National centres for books
  • specialists in radio and television organizations;
  • associates in research institutes, business centres, tech and business parks;
  • employees in companies’ units for innovation, scientific and technical information, marketing, advertisement and others;
  • employees in law firms, organizations and bureaus that work in the field of intellectual property;
  • intellectual property consultants, industrial property representatives