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Regular form of education


Specialty “Intellectual property and business”

Supervisor of the specialty: Prof. Dr. Vladia Borissova


Office: 1073

Tel.: (+359) 2 8195 403

e-mail: [email protected]


About the specialty

The aim of the master’s program “Intellectual property and business” is to prepare specialists with economic and management knowledge in that way that allows them to work in all sectors of the economy and organizations whose business is based on intellectual property. The necessity of such specialists is justified by the transformation of the intellectual resources into a factor for sustainable growth and competitiveness in the economy of knowledge. The new role of intellectual property in the modern economy requires its good understanding and competent management. That generates the need of preparing specialists that know intellectual property and the opportunities it gives business. This master’s program offers such preparation.

The graduates of specialty “Intellectual property and business” can pursue a career as:

  • government employees in the Ministry of culture, National patent office, Commission for protection of competition, Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of defence, Ministry of internal affairs, Customs agency and others;
  • employees, specialists and experts in international intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations like the World intellectual property organization, UNESCO, CISAC, World trade organization and others;
  • employees, specialists and experts in organizations for collective management of copyright and related rights like Musicauthor, Filmauthor, Artistauthor, Prophon, ABBRO, BACCO and others;
  • specialists in music, film, publishing, software, advertisement and other companies, that create and manage intellectual products;
  • specialists in radio and television organizations;
  • associates in research institutes, business centres, tech and business parks;
  • employees in companies’ units for innovation, scientific and technical information, marketing, advertisement and others;
  • employees in law firms, organizations and bureaus that work in the field of intellectual property;
  • intellectual property consultants, industrial property representatives

Graduates of the master’s program are able to continue their education in doctoral programs offered by IIPTT, other units within the UNWE or other higher education institutions inside or outside the country.