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Doctoral degree


“Doctor” is an educational and scientific degree that builds on the master’s degree.

IIPTT offers education for a Doctor’s degree in the fallowing doctoral programs:

  • Organization and management out of the sphere of material production (Intellectual Property in the Creative Industries)
  • Economics and Management (Intellectual Property Branches)

After deciding on a doctoral program the candidate have to pass the exams. The enrolment of the successful candidates is made by a decision of the scientific and education council of the Institute of creative industries and business. Based on that decision, the rector issues an order for enrolment of the doctoral students. The Institute where the education will take place, the professional field, the scientific specialty, the form of education, the length of education and the supervisor are indicated in the issued order. The full-time and individual form of education have a length of 3 years and the part-time  and distance form of education  - 4 years. The doctoral degree is attained when a dissertation is defended successfully.

The candidates for a doctoral program must have must have a master’s degree average grade no lower than “Good” (4,00).