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Specialty “Creative industries and business” with a specialization in “Intellectual property and business in the culture”


Supervisor of the specialty: Prof. Dr. Vladia Borissova

Consultations: Thursday 10:00 – 12:00

Office: 1073

Tel.: (+359) 2 8195 603

e-mail: vborisova@unwe.bg


Conditions for applying

The graduates of specialties from all professional fields can apply for this program.


About the specialty

The aim of the specialty “Creative industries and business” with specialization in “Intellectual property and business in the culture” is to create specialists with economic and managerial knowledge of the cultural industries. The need of such specialists comes from the fast development of the cultural industries today as a part of the modern economy of knowledge, from the increasing added value of these industries to the GDP and to the people employed in them, and from numerous other positive economic, social and cultural effects. The new manifestation of the cultural industries requires a good knowledge of them and competent management for the benefit of the organizations in the sector and in the interest of society. From this comes the necessity for educated specialists that know the specifics of the processes associated with creating cultural products in the different industries and their marketing. The master’s program “Creative industries and business” with specialization in “Intellectual property and business in culture” has the purpose to give the necessary knowledge to the students in order for them to achieve that.

The goal of the program is to educate students about the scope and the system of creative industries and in particular the cultural industries, about the conditions, the environment and their functioning. The students will learn about the nature of the created intellectual products in those industries and their economic potential on traditional and digital markets.

The graduates of the specialty “Creative industries and business” with specialization in “Intellectual property and business in the culture” can accomplish themselves as economists, managers and administrator in all international, national, municipal and public structures and organizations whose work is based on the use of cultural products or their creation, on managing, administrating the processes of their creation, protection, marketing. They can pursue a career as:

  • government employees in the Ministry of culture, Commission for protection of competition, Ministry of internal affairs, Customs agency, General directorate fight against organized crime and others;
  • employees, specialists and experts in international intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations like the World intellectual property organization, UNESCO, CISAC, World trade organization and others;
  • employees, specialists and experts in organizations for collective management of copyright and related rights like Musicauthor, Filmauthor, Artistauthor, Prophon, ABBRO, BACCO and others;
  • specialists in music, film, publishing, software, advertisement and other companies, that create and manage intellectual products;
  • specialists in radio and television organizations;
  • specialists in museums, galleries, cinemas, theatrical and other cultural organizations, in the National centres for books
  • employees in law firms, organizations and bureaus that work in the field of intellectual property;

Graduates of the master’s program are able to continue their education in doctoral programs offered by IIPTT, other units within the UNWE or other higher education institutions inside or outside the country.