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Specialty “Creative industries and business” with specialization in “Intellectual property and business in the industry”


Supervisor of the specialty: Prof. Dr. Maria Markova


Office: 1075A

Tel.: (+359) 2 8195 403

e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]


About the specialty

A distinctive characteristic of modern business is its globalization and technological aspects, based on the latest achievements of intellectual property. In the sphere of material production that finds expression in the intensive implementation and marketing of new technologies, new or modified products, protected as inventions, utility models, industrial designs, topology of integrated circuits, breeding achievements and in the active registration and use of business identifiers like trademarks, company logos, names, and indications. For that reason, there is a public necessity for specialists that know the specifics of a business based on intellectual property, that have knowledge and abilities to organize, manage and develop.

Specialty “Creative industries and business” with specialization in “Intellectual property and business in the industry” is oriented towards the preparation of specialists that will be able to ensure business sustainability and competitiveness of the industry through professional use of intellectual property. The students develop competencies like creative learning, communication and social competence, professional competence in identifying and applying intellectual property in the industry.

The graduates of specialty “Intellectual property and business” can accomplish themselves as economists, managers and administrators in all sectors of the economy and in all business organizations whose activity is based on creating and managing intellectual property. They can accomplish themselves as:

  • government employees in the Ministry of culture, National patent office, Commission for protection of competition, Ministry of foreign affairs, Customs agency, General directorate fight against organized crime and others;
  • employees, specialists and experts in international intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations;
  • associates in research institutes, business centres, tech and business parks;
  • employees in companies’ units for innovation, scientific and technical information, marketing, advertisement and others;
  • employees in law firms, organizations and bureaus that work in the field of intellectual property;
  • intellectual property consultants, industrial property representatives, valuation of intellectual property


Graduates of the master’s program are able to continue their education in doctoral programs offered by IIPTT, other units within the UNWE or other higher education institutions inside or outside the country.



Specialty “Creative industries and business”

specialization in “Intellectual property and business in the industry”

Master’s program, 1 year, admission March 2019