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Tuesday, 03 May 2022 10:56


Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer and Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer of UNWE have organized a scientific forum "Intellectual Property and Business" on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day - April 26 - the day when the WIPO Convention enters into force in 1970. Since 2000 they are celebrated at the initiative of WIPO and every year is under a different motto - Innovation, design of the future, "Innovate - create innovation for a better future" - 2022.

The forum is under the patronage of the Rector of UNWE Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov.


 Assoc. prof. Mihail Musov, prof. Maria Markova and Mr. Vladimir Yossifov


The forum was attended by representatives of academia: UNWE, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”, New Bulgarian University, NATFA, University of Forestry, representatives of MES, MC, ANPSP, professional organizations in the field of intellectual property and business.

19 congratulatory addresses were presented from Bulgaria: Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov - Rector of UNWE, Ministry of education - DeputyMinister Prof. Petrova, Bulgarian Patent Office - Prof. Borisova, National academy of theatre and film art - Prof. Semerdzhiev, others, and from abroad: Mr. Darren Tang - Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, EIPTN / European Network of Teachers of Intellectual Property - Chairman Prof. L. Mandierieux, International Intellectual Property Network - Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance - Presidents Prof. Scott and Prof. Perry, others.

Prof. Markova - Head of the Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer underlighned that established in 1991 has over 30 years of experience in training and expertise in the field of intellectual property, creative industries and technology transfer with long-term cooperation with the leading international and national organizations in the field of intellectual property.

The Institute of Intellectual Property has a history of nearly 20 years - then in 2003 it was called the Center for Intellectual Property, recognizable nationally and internationally organized over 80 forums - international and national seminars and round tables, public lectures by experts from WIPO, EPO and others.

On today's holiday, in which the first academic unit in Bulgaria, established by Prof. Borisov - his bright memory, in 1991 achieved already established name, with national and international fame. The academic and research staff of the Department and the Institute participate expertly in the development of strategic documents and research of national importance in the field of education, economics and culture, is present in the international educational and research space with its scientific and research results. The focus of the forum is intellectual property as an economically important resource for business and social development as a whole.

According to EPO and EUIPO annual reports from the last 5 years, intellectual property-based industries generate almost 30% of all jobs in the EU; approx. 40% of employment in the EU, 45% - contribution to total economic activity (GDP) in the EU - worth 6.6 trillion euros. Interestingly, intellectual property-based industries pay significantly higher wages than other industries by about 47% more, , i.e. approximately 1.5 wages in other sectors of the economy and account for the majority of EU trade with the rest of the world.

According to the program of the forum, scientific and applied research results are presented as follows:

1. Academic encyclopedic dictionary of intellectual property - prepared by the academic staff of the Department and the Institute of Intellectual Property and technology transfer, containing 398 terms in intellectual property, differentiated into three groups: industrial property, art property and new and other objects of intellectual property. This academci dictionary has been realiesed under the scientific project, assigned by the Academic council of UNWE andit is a research result of the 12 members of the academic staff of the department, researchers from the Institute and doctoral students.

2. Magazine "Intellectual Property and Business" - the first issue of scientific and professional publications focused on intellectual property as current legal regulations in national and international aspects, research materials - scientific articles and presentations of institutions and businesses in relation to intellectual property.

3. Collection of scientific and research results from the implementation of project KP - 06-N 35/3, financed by National fund Scientific reserach, on "Conceptual model of intellectual property in the digital competitiveness of the company" - a team of 7 people, successfully completed the first stage and received funding for the second stage with 4 publications in the international database of Scopus.

4. Brochure of the Department of IP and Technology Transfer, aimed at prospective students for the two specialties in Bachelor degree for the specialities of the Department ‘IP and Business’ and ’Creative Industries and Business’ in the implementation of the new policy of UNWE for the education market.

The forum has continued with a scientific module with presentations and reports by researchers and discussion on actual issue of the intellectual property field.