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To the esteemed readers and authors of the magazine “Intellectual Property and Business”


Only original author’s work that has not already been published or has not been simultaneously submitted for publication in another magazine, collection or digest are accepted. The editors carry out an electronic check for the uniqueness of the developments submitted for publication.

The magazine "Intellectual Property and Business" is a professional and scientific published edition of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer “Prof. Dr. Borislav Borisov” of UNWE.

The magazine is open access. It is published twice a year on paper and publishes theoretical, methodological and applied research by teachers, researchers and doctoral students from the University of National and World Economy, as well as from other Bulgarian and foreign universities and scientific organizations. On the pages of the magazine you can find information, scientific articles and interviews that offer solutions to important problems in the field of intellectual property, on current regulations in the field of intellectual property and discussions on current issues, results of scientific research dedicated to contemporary issues in intellectual property and materials related to the management and business of intellectual property.

The materials and articles are submitted to e-mail: [email protected]   and on paper to the Editorial Board of the magazine in Bulgarian and English languages and are evaluated for publication by the Editorial Board and selected reviewers under anonymous review.

Editorial Board:

National Council

Prof. Dr. Maria MARKOVA – Chairman of the Editorial Board, UNWE

Prof. D.Sc. Jivko DRAGANOV – Head of the Department of International law and law of EU, Faculty of Law, UNWE

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar BLAGOEV –  UNWE

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay KRUSHKOV – Head of Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, UNWE

International Council

Prof. Laurent MANDERIEUX, Chair, European IP Teachers’ Network (EIPTN), Bocconi University, ITALY

Petra HAUPTFELD-GÖLLNER, University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, AUSTRIA

Dr. Carlos R. MORALES, Tarrant County College –TCC Connect Campus, USA

Dr. Ioannis KIKKIS, WIPO Expert

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed for compliance with technical layout requirements. If the technical requirements are met, the manuscripts are sent for anonymous review by two reviewers. After approval for publication, the author receives a message by e-mail, which includes information about the issue in which the material will be published, as well as suggestions for editing the text, for corrections and additions that the author should make.

Acceptance of a manuscript for publication does not in any way imply that the Editorial Board and/or the publisher share the author's point of view.

The authors of scientific articles, opinions and interviews declare the originality and credibility of the presented positions and express their personal opinion on the discussed issues.

The journal "Intellectual Property and Business" is included in the National Reference List of modern Bulgarian scientific publications with peer review, maintained at the National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID).

Responsible Editor: Antoaneta Drandova

Print:  „Publishing house ZIP“ Ltd.


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Institute of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer “Prof. Dr. Borislav Borisov”

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ISSN: 2815 – 3464

Publishing Charges

The magazine "Intellectual Property and Business" is a periodical for the exchange of publishing articles of scientific and practical value, provided on the principle of anonymous peer review and the conducted editorial policy. The related costs are covered by the publication fee, which is BGN 150 per article and is payable when the manuscript is submitted to the Editorial Board. The author receives 2 copies of the magazine by post.

In case of secured sponsorship, the amount is fixed in a contract and the sponsor is advertised on the cover pages by promoting his name, the products offered and the activity carried out.


Price of 1 issue: BGN 15.

Articles and materials for Issue 4 of the magazine are accepted until 20.10.2023.


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