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About us

The Institute of intellectual property and technology transfer "Prof. Dr. Borislav Borisov" (IIPTT) was created by a decision of the Academic council № 4/3 – 05.11.2016 and a decree of the Council of ministers № 54/23.03.2017. The name of the Institute was changed by a decree of the Coulcil of ministers №294/29.10.2020 from Institute of creative industries and business.

IIPTT is a unit of the University of national and world economy for research in the field of intellectual property. IIPTT is a well-known research unit on the national and international level. IIPTT organizes and conducts research in the field of intellectual property, innovation industries, cultural industries, digitalization and cultural heritage. In partnership with government institutions, it participates in the development of national legislation and strategic documents regarding intellectual property. IIPTT works in close cooperation with the World intellectual property organization, the European patent office, the Regional centre for safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in south-eastern Europe under the auspices of UNESCO and other organizations. 

IIPTT provides expert knowledge and services to small and medium-sized enterprises related to the protection, use and management of their intellectual property.