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Discussion on the copyright and related rights of producers, screenwriters, directors and performers in stage works

Friday, 12 May 2023 0:00


On 11.05.2023 a discussion was held regarding the copyright and related rights of producers, screenwriters and directors and artist - performers in stage works as creative products at the Institute of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer "Prof. Dr. B. Borisov" – UNWE as an organizer and host.



The subject of the discussion was the author's play "Legend of Kaliakra" - a theatrical performance directed by Elitsa Yovcheva. The actresses in the project Anna-Maria Nikolaeva, Anastasia Levordashka and Marina Georgieva /Boryana Babanova was on tour in the city of Pomorie that day/ presented part of the text of the play to the audience - experts from IIPTT, students from the "Creative Industries and Business" and professionals from the stage business, shared about the challenges of the work process in which they spent two months creating the text. The director Elitsa Yovcheva talked about the method of work - devising, or as it is called in theater theory "collaborative creative process" and for all the interesting moments of it. The discussion was opened and moderated by Dr. Polina Stoyanova and Dr. Yuliana Tomova - experts at IIPTT.

All participants in the discussion rated the forum as useful and provocative for many further discussions on the issues of copyright and related rights in the creative industries.

The creative team of "Legend of Kaliakra" thanks for the inspiring and cognitively enriching meeting!


Photographs: Marina Spasova

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