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Cooperation with the World intellectual property organization (WIPO)


Joint education of ICIB’s students

  • The cooperation between ICIB and WIPO starts from the second year of studying for bachelor students (regular and distance forms of education) through a specialized educational interactive electronic basic course in intellectual property, developed jointly with the WIPO’s Academy. The education is going parallel with the education in the discipline conducted on-site in UNWE. The students that have successfully completed the course are receive a certificate from WIPO’s Academy and ICIB. 
  • The education during the fourth year in the two specialties of ICIB: “Intellectual property and business” and “Creative industries and business” for certain disciplines is conducted by international lectors from WIPO’s Academy. The education is certified and the students receive certificates for a successful completion from WIPO’s Academy along with their diplomas. Students that have achieved excellent results are nominated for a free master’s degree education in intellectual property in the University of Turin, Italy or the Africa University, Zimbabwe.
  • The education in ICIB offers studying materials, including some that have been jointly developed with WIPO’s Academy. An information meeting is organized for the students for a talk with potential employers, instructions for the mandatory pre-graduation internship, and instructions for the conducting of the state exam. During the meeting the students are given a set of learning materials that have been developed jointly with WIPO’s Academy. 

Training for Small and Medium Enterprises

The trainings are aimed at representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the goal is to help them with the use and management of the intellectual property in the business strategy of the organization. The content of the courses is adapted according to the Bulgarian legislation and uses WIPO’s international expertise in the field. 

  • Basic course for the training of SMEs in intellectual property on a digital platform
  • IP Panorama - multimedia product for an interactive training of SMEs
  • Professional information in intellectual property for SMEs

If you need expert opinion on specific intellectual property issues, creative industries and the business relations, related to them, please contact us – tel.: +359 2 8195 603 or by e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

WIPO depository library 

ICIB is a depository library of WIPO  and as such receives copies from all current research and publications of WIPO. All publications are accessible on paper in UNWE’s library and in electronic form in ICIB. 

You can find a list of WIPO’s publications here.

In the service of universities

  • Drafting of a university intellectual property policy;
  • Consultations for centres for technology transfer;
  • Professional information for entrepreneurs in the field of intellectual property.

If necessary, please contact us - tel.: +359 2 8195 603 or by e-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]